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Judge Judy

Judge Judy

Britney Spears....Oops She did it again

Never before seen topless pics of Britney and an unidentified male at an upscale hotel in California.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Listen to prank calls by us and other pranksters

Prank Phone Calls - 1-800-How's My Driving.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Adam Sandler.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Jessica-AOL Phone Call.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Assorted.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Bababooey.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Barber Shop.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Britney Spears' cell phone .wav
Prank Phone Calls - Burger King.wav
Prank Phone Calls - C Escort Service - Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Caesar's Palace.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Call To Gay Bar.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Car Dealer.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Chinese Chicken.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Chinese Newspaper.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Chinese Restaurant.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Coffee Shop.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Collect Calls.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Computer Repair Guy.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Days Inn - Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Dead Rooster.wav
Prank Phone Calls - DirecTV - Arnold Schwartzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Dog Fence.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Don't Piss on a Tombstone.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Dollar Tree - Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Drunk Guy Again - Arnold Schwartzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Eminem.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Fishing Report.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Furby Prank Call.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Gateway Again - Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Gator Lodge - Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Green Poop.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Guy Tries To Cuss.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Hooters - Arnold Schwartzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - I Pickle They.wav
Prank Phone Calls - I want a McPenis Fillet.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Japanese VCR.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Kahunaville - Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Kicked My Dog.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Lost Old Man.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Mama's Donuts.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Mcdonald's Drive Thru.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Muffin Man.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Hailey- pussy is burning.wav
Prank Phone Calls - My Wifes Fat Ass.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Navy Recruiter.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Pizza Delivery Machine - Arnold Schwartzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Plumber.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Plumbers are Dirty.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Police Chief.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Poop In My Car.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Possesed Boy Calls Nun.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Psychic Call.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Radio Call Gone Wrong.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Recall on Vibrator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Redneck - Arnold Schwarzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Safety Goggles.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Simpsons, Bart's Prank Phone Calls.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Stutter Call.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Sunshine Hotel - Arnold Schwartzenegger Impersonator.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Taco Bell Prank Call.wav
Prank Phone Calls - The Best Prank Phone Calls.wav
Prank Phone Calls - The WEED man.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Unlucky Charmer.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Wabbits for Sale.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Walmart Prank Call.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Who Wants To Whup A Game Show Host.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Wife's Bad Pager.wav
Prank Phone Calls - You Kicked My Dog.wav
Prank Phone Calls - You stole my newspaper.wav
Prank Phone Calls - Your dog has aids.wav

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Nov 20 02:12:52 2008
Report: Three Teens Arrested late this morning in regards to a celebrity prank!
Three teens were arrested late this morning in regards to misdemeanor charges of false information, Harassment, and Misuse of a telephonic device. Hailey A Smith 17 plead no contest, Ryan L Newport 19 plead no contest, and Jessica Pierson 18 plead no contest. All three teens were released within the hour and were advised by their lawyer Jerry Spence not to make any comment. A spokesperson for Jerry Spence's law office stated that "the teens were having fun and were unaware of any criminal activity within their actions".

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Call to mario lopez while on stage on dancing with the stars

We have heard your request to replay the tape of Mario Lopez while he was on stage dancing with the stars we will be updating our site soon and will repost it.

For now the blog does not have audio... due to technical difficulties.
But if there is something specific email us at phoneprankers@yahoo and we will email it to you.


Many of you ask how we are able to do this...

And my answer to that is, as many of you know we have been under the spot light on more than one occasion for our antics. And we have been charged a few times with misdemeanor counts in which typically end up in some sort of fine....Is that a risk we are willing to take? Were still here aren't we?

Some of the tricks to the trade are...

1.) Use a familiar name of a company or agency in which will gain trust BUT be sure NOT to use the exact name. For example; If your in New York and you want to say that your with New York Police Department, you could say your with the New York Lease Department or you could always use a non existent company or agency. There are many tricks but thats just to name a few. Obviously all our calls are recorded so we are protected to an extent and in all honesty when making a prank call if you do what we like to call a "switch up" with the name of the company or agency it is always good to have it recorded just in case a legal issue arrises at a later date because with no recording it is a he say she say case which typically does not end up good.

2.) Words like Investigator,Detective, and/or spokesperson are all words in which can be beneficial because an investigator can be anyone whom investigates and we are investigating how to make prank calls, and a detective can be anyone that detects and we are detecting something fishy with this call. A spokesperson is anyone whom speaks on behalf of a person,company,charity or organization so if you are a spokesperson of a non existent agency or company then you are speaking on behalf of someone or something that does not exist.

If you want to take the risk....go ahead but remember these few helpful hints.

If they are about to give personal info stop them....GIVE ANY REASON to stop them, That is a big liability.

In some states within the United States prank calling can be considered harrassment however with us being mainly based in the United Kingdom we have had few cases in which were proven successful against us.

Also Prank calling people like celebrity's is not an easy task and remember its just for fun so if you do get a number that is not in the public just discard it when your done or save it for a year and use it again but don't let it get out into the public.

New Poll Added 12/19/2008

Please check out the new poll added tonight.

We currently have 863 watchers to this blog and your opinion counts!

Also if you have questions comments or concerns please contact us at phoneprankers@yahoo if its a legal issue contact

Britney Spears Cell Phone call

This is a Prank Call to Britney Spears cell phone using a voice changer...not only is she drunk but she's clueless.

Justin Timberlake answers the phone....what a way to screen the call Justin. lmao!~

This call can be heard by clicking britney prank call in the prank call index above.

Dog the Bounty Hunter

Most recently we had gotten quite a few requests to get dog the bounty hunter so we got his personal number from an inside source but its registered with the corporation in los angeles,Ca and well pranking him on that number would have for one drawn more attention to us that we don't need and for two it would have likely raised a red flag so we waited for our opportunity and dog himself eventually called as well as their lawyer and then lawyer's but we'll get into that later...anyway well at first we had to really think this gig out and to be honest we are always up for a challenge but we almost didn't do it because and well we have many reasons for this and its not their so called celebrity status (after all sarah palin, britney spears,arnold swartzeneger,mario lopez,ashton kutcher and other's didn't stop us so why would the dog?) its mainly because Beth (dog's wife) see Beth is a very smart lady mostly street smart and although it would have been well worth it, we would have been chancing too much and the prank wouldn't have gotten far.

Then we considered "young Blood" (dog's side kick) but come on...Hes all over the web for being arrested for indecent exposure oh and don't let us forget suspicion of attepted murder so I don't think he's a good target...I mean even we have standards, and he wouldn't be good for ratings. According to police documents "his lawyer, Brook Hart, said the incident was a misunderstanding."
I would think if you caught me in a parking lot fondling myself Im sure my lawyer would also claim there was a misunderstanding. **although tim has the last name chapman he is not blood related to duane "dog" chapman**

Then we considered Dog's son Duane Lee Chapman hes in his mid 30's and well he isn't quite out there yet although I'm sure he will be, but for now he is quiet and reserved and doesn't have much of a fan base and lets be honest we want to post what you want to hear.

Then there's "baby lyssa" dog's daughter shes in her early 20's and well I have a family myself and as innocent as she is...well lets just leave it at that (we love you baby lyssa and we hope you stay so innocent).

Then there's Leland Blane Chapman dogs other son he is 32 years old he has two beautiful sons of his own and is a wonderful father and does all he can for his family and from what we hear he is quite the ladies man and although he turns to his father for most of his issues we figured he would be the best target... two birds with one stone.

We got Leland Blane Chapman....And it turned out to funny and comical mainly because one of his lawyers is a clueless klutz lol.... It will be posted soon as it is still ongoing.

If my lawyers let an issue like that get past them I would have their heads on a platter, I mean come on he spoke to 6 different people with the same name all with variations in the story and who they were with. But I have to say that we have gone up against lawyers many times in the past and we would have ate the chapmans lawyers alive had it not been for the lead lawyer we'll call him mr. hotshot. If your reading this GOOD JOB Mr. Hot Shot.

**We will keep you updated on when that tape is out, at the moment it is still being worked on but it will be soon.**