Friday, December 19, 2008


Many of you ask how we are able to do this...

And my answer to that is, as many of you know we have been under the spot light on more than one occasion for our antics. And we have been charged a few times with misdemeanor counts in which typically end up in some sort of fine....Is that a risk we are willing to take? Were still here aren't we?

Some of the tricks to the trade are...

1.) Use a familiar name of a company or agency in which will gain trust BUT be sure NOT to use the exact name. For example; If your in New York and you want to say that your with New York Police Department, you could say your with the New York Lease Department or you could always use a non existent company or agency. There are many tricks but thats just to name a few. Obviously all our calls are recorded so we are protected to an extent and in all honesty when making a prank call if you do what we like to call a "switch up" with the name of the company or agency it is always good to have it recorded just in case a legal issue arrises at a later date because with no recording it is a he say she say case which typically does not end up good.

2.) Words like Investigator,Detective, and/or spokesperson are all words in which can be beneficial because an investigator can be anyone whom investigates and we are investigating how to make prank calls, and a detective can be anyone that detects and we are detecting something fishy with this call. A spokesperson is anyone whom speaks on behalf of a person,company,charity or organization so if you are a spokesperson of a non existent agency or company then you are speaking on behalf of someone or something that does not exist.

If you want to take the risk....go ahead but remember these few helpful hints.

If they are about to give personal info stop them....GIVE ANY REASON to stop them, That is a big liability.

In some states within the United States prank calling can be considered harrassment however with us being mainly based in the United Kingdom we have had few cases in which were proven successful against us.

Also Prank calling people like celebrity's is not an easy task and remember its just for fun so if you do get a number that is not in the public just discard it when your done or save it for a year and use it again but don't let it get out into the public.


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